Saturday, March 28, 2009

Violent Dream

I'm sexually exposed at a party or the mansion that we're staying in. I take meager efforts to conceal it but I can't control myself.

Then a Hispanic man is on the roof, attempting to write a message with an orange (gold?) marker on the screen doors. I attempt to reason with him in English and Spanish while telling our people to call 911. There is already a police car on the ground.

I know he has an accomplice, a woman, down on the ground. My view follows down on the ground, looking for her. She is already locked up in the police car and I realize my mistake.

Up in the mansion the man has gotten in and done something bad to my girlfriend, though she won't say what. I start beating him mercilessly, without satisfaction, as he seems somehow impervious to death and pain. He ends up in a mini-fridge of bizarre proportions until the cops can clear things up. I pelt him with bottles and splash him with cold beverages so he'll be miserable.

His brother shows up, and soon members of his extended family. They are not all Hispanic. Even in the dream I'm aware of a racist element to this story. But I attack them all, even the little Irish looking red head kid. They're all a little too benign to keep attacking, so we (The party and many family members are onlookers to everything.) escort the lot of them to the end of the property.

I realize too late that this was the intention all along, that a hit on me has been set up by The Mob, that this family was a ruse to get me to the street. I jump into a mini-van full of our people and tell the driver to drive fast. Let's get the hell out of here.

--Dan Kilian
-------------------------------------------------------- Sandwich Dream
-------------------------------------------------------- More Violence

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