Thursday, March 5, 2009

Congratulation On Making It

DENVER—As a response to the McCain “Job Well Done” ad, Barack Obama is countering with what is being called the “Congratulation On Making It” ad, to match generous gesture with generous gesture. John McCain, in a gracious gesture, congratulated Barack Obama for being the first black nominee of a major party. Searching for a near match of achievement, the Obama camp cites the fact that John McCain is still alive after all these years.

In the ad, while gentle piano music plays, the Democratic Nominee says, "Senator McCain, I think it’s great that you’re still kicking around. Our founding fathers would be glad to see one of their own vying for the highest office in the land. It was forty-five years ago today that you were last looked on as an attractive person, but I think the fact that you can still put one foot in front of the other is a testament to your character and drive! I hope you make it to Election Day, but if you keel over before then, I promise to run another nice ad about you! Congratulations on making it this far!”

--Dan Kilian

This is being posted as a document reclamation project. Don't worry, the election is over.

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