Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bright Light/Deep Shade: Can Someone Please Give The Man Some Reggae?

JoFi plays Jacko! Casting the white actor Joseph Feinnes to play the King of Pop is sparking outrage among those who are unfamiliar with Michael Jackson's plastic surgery and pigment shifts. I guess they want a black actor to undergo bleaching and melting. 

Tyga has been seen with a DoppleJenner! Tyga Tyga burning bright, with a Kylie Jenner lookalike! 

First Abe Vigoda and now this. According to Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones, Jon Snow is definitely still dead

Zayn Malik never wanted to be in One Direction. Neither did I!  

Steven Tyler's claim to have inspired the Guns 'N Roses reunion is not the Axl truth! According to the reunited band's twitter feed, there have been a lot of GN'R Lies. Axl Rose does admit to wanting some Reggae.

That's all that matters!  

--Dan Kilian

The Swarm

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Dungeons Are Science

I’d like to point out that my dungeons are Science.  

Small animals as prey for the large ones are accounted for.  Science:  Ecology.  

Types of tunnels and rock are appropriate for location and depth.  Science:  Geology. 

Multilevel shafts are represented on all levels through which they pass, even if they do not open upon those levels.  Science:  Geometry.  

Undead creatures are located near evil spellcasters or rifts to the negative material plane.  Science:  Necromancy.   

My Dungeons Are Science.  

--Steve Kilian

Regarding the Events off of Mayburn Key, July 23rd, 1964

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The rattling windows of winter
The scraping wind the groaning sky
The leaking cracks 
And amateur tap-dancing radiators 
Baths and blankets and soup
Sweating in our layers 
Fending off the cold
Wide awake
Asleep for days
Hybernational malaise 
A clearer daylight 
And a clearer longer night
Closing in
On a hostile planet 
Its atmosphere whipping around 
The stars as ever far away
But the blackness in between 
Seeping in

--Dan Kilian


The Swarm


Monday, January 11, 2016


--Dan Kilian

The Line