Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Between Easter

Jesus floated in the places between life and death, between substance and nonexistance. He touched the quantum universes and even more universes where there was only one. He walked through doors of paradox without the slightest bent of mind. He felt the pain of everyone and everything.

He descended into hell. Satan was there, doing Milton's chores.

"Hello Brother. I see you've faced the pain of man."

"Now I am other. Soon I shall be man again."

"Yes, talking like that always helps with communication."

"I do not talk like this. My words are filtered through the minds of man. Your words are the words of men. It's very catchy, but a little shallow."

"Well, one day I'll understand what you're saying."

"No you won't."

"So how goes the great Mercy? Should I keep up the maintenance on this eternal prison of misery?"

"Others shall maintain it for you."

"God damn I hate your cosmic jumbo."

"That has been made known to me."

"Sibling rivalry, right?"

"We are brothers in this story and on this plane."

"Which story is this? What plane? Hey, where did you go?"

Jesus ascended from fiction into reality.

--Dan Kilian
---------------------------------- Joseph in the North
---------------------------------- Nixon and Obama

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