Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good vs Evil: A Dialogue

We've got to do something about the genocide in Sudan.


I don't know.

Well, let me know when you do.

Okay, we'll go to one of those Save Darfur websites and they'll have suggestions. We could at least write our Congressmen.

Who's your Congressman?

There are ways of finding this stuff out!



Yeah let's do it.


As soon as we get ourselves together.

What do you mean?

We need to realize our dreams.

Wow. We do need to realize our dreams. We could really help people in intangible ways.

And we're so far behind. We're squandering our talents.

Got to get it together!

So let's focus, or we're not going to do anyone a bit of good.

Wait, that's a trick!


You're distracting me with false choices. We can still get it together and do a little something for Darfur!

We've got such a great track record.

We can get organized. Maybe we can even bring our concern about Darfur into our work.

And the environment.

We can do it. We just have to be strong, stop whining about how hard everything is, and organize things a little.

Let me know when you're done.

I'll do it!

Aren't you forgetting something?



Oh god! You're evil! You're a monster with hideous rows and rows of sharp teeth!

Nyump Nyump Nyump.

Oh God no! You're eating me!

Nyump Nyump Nyump.

--Dan Kilian

Save Darfur
Make A Giant K Shaped Island In The Pacific

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