Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Three Day Work Week

I've got the Sunday Blahs on a Friday night.
It's "Christmas in August" in July.
It's High Noon at Midnight.
Took Monday off.

Took Tuesday off.
I was a little off on Wednesday.
Each day feels like a third of a week.
Minutes feel like hours, hours like days,
days feel like dreams, years feel like weekends.
Weekends drag on and blink out.

Then the stars, as the universe cools and dims.
A vast yawning naught.

Naught descends.
We are tied up in naughts.

Naught on my watch!
Called in sick on Thursday.
This week is taking forever.
Nothing matters but the weekend,
and the weekend doesn't matter either.

--Dan Kilian
-------------------------------- Definitely, Probably, Possibly
-------------------------------- My Oh My Obama

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