Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Historic Lapse

Yesterday, for the first* time since we started this Klog thing in January, I neglected to post a new piece. I did not budget my time right. It was Saturday and there were errands and social obligations. It's probably a healthy thing; I've been a little obsessive with this posting every day thing, which can get in the way of other things. I should probably get more relaxed about it, but for you, potential regular reader, we post every day. We'll throw a couple things up today to make up for it.

I hope you'll note that Klog doesn't give you too much of the personal business you don't care about, focusing on the political satire, cultural criticism and errant microfictions you crave, in theory. We're back at it today.

--Dan Kilian

*We've had a few post-midnight posts, but it's not tomorrow til you wake up the next day. Also, we might have missed a day or two in January, but since then we've been constant.

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