Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Referendum Madness!

Today conscientious voters will enter voting booths and elect mayors, comptrollers, councilmen, and judges. They will also make snap decisions on referendums most of them have heard nothing about. Also, they didn’t know there were people running for judge. That doesn’t matter. Because this election isn’t about judges, it’s about judgment. The American people aren’t really electing local officials; they’re holding a referendum on President Barack Obama. Here are the races that matter.

Upstate New York

If a solidly, reliably Republican district goes to a conservative, this will mean that Obama has lost his hold on the country. This race is special because conservatives determined that a really conservative candidate could win a reliably conservative district. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck managed to drive the Moderate Republican out of the race. Now Lindsey Graham is what you’d call a “Moderate Republican.”


Virginia is a state that signaled a geographic sea change (note to editor: Can a sea change be geographic?) when it went for Obama last year. If, as appears likely, the Republican wins the governorship, it will mean that Virginia is once again a Republican stronghold.

New York City

Mayor Bloomberg defied the will of the people of New York, disregarding two referendums barring a mayor from seeking a third term. The people of New York shall punish him by giving him a third term. Bloomberg has spent so much money on this campaign that there is conjecture he may win two simultaneous terms as mayor. If, as appears likely, the Republican wins the mayoralty, it will mean that New York City is once again a Republican stronghold.

New Jersey

Fat guy vs. the Bald Guy vs. the Third Party guy. This one should be interesting. It’s not, but it should be.

There are no other elections that matter today.

--Dan Kilian

The New Town Hall

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