Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Business Idea

Beat-Off-in-the-Corner Man!

Women spend hundreds of dollars during bachelorette parties to see muscular men prance about half naked, glistening with oil.  After they get all excited from that, they're hungry for more.  However, most women are not ready to take that big step to actually hiring a male prostitute.  But now there is a service that fills the gap between exotic dancer and full-on gigolo.  For a modest fee, interested customers can hire one of our trained staff to masturbate in the corner, achieving full release while they watch (or don't).

The Beat-Off-in-the-Corner Man will also come to (and at) your event, and is an excellent option for bachelorette parties, corporate executive events, bat mitzvahs, holiday parties – you name it.

--Steve Kilian

Project Run For Your Lives

Felix From The Flame

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