Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prayer of Brief Eternal Life

God you gave me birth
You bring me death someday
Allow me to live forever
Within Your Love's embrace
Let me crumble, scatter, and spread
Let my dirt be trampled down
The traveler now the path
No longer separate, a part
Of Your vast fantastic plan
All I ask is to know
This moment and maybe just
A moment more--a chance
To drink from the purest well
And bask in the light and warmth
Of the hungry flame of life
And the constant fire of the soul

--Dan Kilian

Editor's note: We will return to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Lying awake the other night, this prayer came to me, and I made a deal with God that I would post it. Does God read my blog? Probably. All I know is that you've got to follow through once you've made that kind of promise.
----------------------------------------------- Nothing and Nothingness
----------------------------------------------- Jesus in Hell

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