Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recording update

We are dealing with pernicious scheduling problems, trying to get everyone into the room at the same time for back-up vocals. Held off on having Jon lay down too much BU vox the other night, because it's better if Soup's there too, so we laid down some organ and redid a sax part. It's real Steely Dan type perfection going on here. Will this be our Goucho?

Of course I listen back to a couple songs and still want to redo some of the lead vocals. All the while the bill collector is at our door. Problems problems, we'll sort them out. It's the revolution of rising expectations. I really feel this record will actually do something for our career, as if a record could still do that in this day and age, and at this day and age.

Thinking about spinning off the actual band related posts into yet another blog. So many things to do, so few things done. I've left so many things undone. So many things I made a mess of every one. There, now it's poetry.

--Dan Kilian

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