Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Healthcare Summit

So I've listened to this summit all day, and while I don't really think I've learned anything, I found it oddly fascinating. Is anything not oddly fascinating that's fascinating? Is anything ever routinely fascinating?

For the most part it's been grown-ups talking about grown-up things, with Obama the most grown-up of the grown-ups. Obama being grown-up isn't new, but there are some players who are on their best behavior. Maybe they should do this more often. When people act up with B.S. he shoots them down, the way he did in that meeting with the Republicans a couple weeks back.

Of course, none of this will amount to anything. As policy, it's illuminating how much mutuality actually exists, and how many Republican ideas have already been appropriated. As "theater" it's a debate, and Obama's winning. The Republicans have the dislike of the public for the plan, some valid concerns, perhaps, and a bunch of lies.

I think it's a shame the public probably won't see this, as unproductive as it would probably be, because it's a better forum for this issue, one which dampens all the craziness and misinformation. They'll see some clips, and Obama will come off well. But it's nice to see the Republicans actually acting civil. It creates the illusion of functional government.

Now let's see if O can keep his party together and create the reality.

--Dan Kilian

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