Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going Around The Corner

He tried to go around the corner but the King wouldn’t talk to the deuce, pawn takes Queen, he had a three high straight but he didn’t have enough money to cover the bet so he went around the corner but someone had robbed the ATM. He tried to solve the mystery. He wrapped the letters around and he realized it was his good friend MAT. He wrapped the letters around and he realized it wasn’t an ATM it was a POST office box. He wrapped the letters around again and realized that it wasn’t a POST office box it was a STOP sign. Someone had robbed a stop sign. He wondered how that could physically happen, what the stop sign had to be stolen and he looked around and he saw that anarchy had broken out. He went around the corner and there was little Jack Horner why had someone sung that song? Someone had surely done something wrong and it’s all an allegory for British corruption, but the rhyme outlived the story so it’s just something for kids to wrap their minds around in meaningless pleasure of parallel sounds. We hope you enjoy our little rhymes tonight, which may have already outlived their meaning. For all I know I’m rhyming one line with a word in the middle of the verse. For all I know this is all an illusion, and there is no large crowd cheering me on I’m just a madman in a karaoke bar playing ROCK BAND or I might not even be singing I might be a madman holding up a stop sign to cover his gambling debts. He came back around the corner and threw his wad of cash on the table called with his Queen King Ace (OF CLUBS!) 2 3 and he won but they shot him in the head.

--Dan Kilian

Editor's Note: This was the program from our kick ass show last Saturday at The Ace of Clubs. Who are we? The Ks!

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