Friday, February 26, 2010

Geographical Points of Interest

Which city is increasing by 100% every year? Dublin

Which city boasts the biggest feet per capita? Tripoli

What country outlaws casual Fridays? Thailand

In what country is everyone slightly tone-deaf? Tunisia

Where to all the sub-billed actors go for a vacation? Costa Rica

Where do they really wonder about the authenticity of your skin tone? Istanbul

What city has too many keyboard solos? Prague

What city refuses you again? Reno

Where will you lose your ennui? Saigon

What country has melancholy newspapers? Cyprus

What country actually exists? Israel

What city does the conservative Supreme Court judge go on a bender in? Sausalito

And where's the after-party? Zanzibar

In what city are gentlemen often indicted? Syracuse

Where won't they accept any kind of cash? The Czech Republic

What country is over-run by insects? France

In what country is it forbidden to where short pants in public AND long pants inside? Indonesia

Where are they really possessive about their cattle? Macau

And what country am I currently in litigation with? Sudan

--Dan Kilian

Demon Brand Choco-Mallows

Humanizing Death From Above by MQ1-178

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