Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trippy and Groovy: 8 Song Playlist

Adele "Cold Shoulder"

Adele has been described as retro-retro; her modern soul reminds people of Amy Whinehouse’s modern soul. Adele doesn’t get smashed out of her mind looking for her incarcerated bloke in her neighbors’ houses. You’d think you wouldn’t need that, but this is music, however sterling the production and heartbroken the singing, that’s never going to break into your house drunk. There’s a cool Beatlesy breakdown and it’s a pretty decent song. Just not indecent.

Ian Hunter "Cleveland Rocks"

Evidently they play this song every Friday at 6:00 on one Cleveland radio station, and as a victory song for Cleveland sports teams. So I guess if you live in Cleveland, you probably hate this song. If you’re not overly familiar with it, however, it rocks.

RZA "Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)"

Bunch of rapping over some harp strum and a beat.

Andrew Bird "Cataracts"

It took a long time for me to warm up to Andrew Bird. Some wunderkind stringing together nonsense words and whistling. He does mostly down-tempo ballads full of shimmering beauty. It’s all a little too perfect. But damn if the guy doesn’t build some beautiful melodies, and damn if the whistling doesn’t always work.

More Andrew Bird…

No, not that...

Les Savy Fav "The Year Before The Year 2000"

LSF rock against the apocalypse and party like it’s 1999 with a clanky verse and a furious chorus. Punk lives. This band occasionally missteps with an awkward lyric such as “Please do check your frontal hemisphere.” Nonetheless, you should own this song.

RZA "Love Jones"

Angel Cake (Singer, not porn star, presumably) coos the chorus, and it’s a romantic rap not unlike “You Got Me” that Roots song with Erykah Badu, good but not as good.

Steve Miller Band "Serenade"

There’s more to Steve Miller than “The Joker.” He created some warm psychedelia that’s both trippy and groovy. Great layered vocals fly like a seagull on a zephyr of acoustic guitars while the bass and drums gently kick a beachball back and forth.

The Moody Blues "Go Now"

Denny Laine laid down the best thing the Moody Blues ever did before leaving the band and ending up in Wings.

--Dan Kilian

5 1/2 Songs

7 Songs

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