Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maureen Dowd Guest Column

Klog is proud to have brought on Maureen Dowd as a regular columnist. She’ll still be writing her columns for the New York Times, but she’ll be posting them here first. It’s a big feather in our caps. Thanks Maureen!

With the dog days of August upon us, it seems that Barack Obama’s in the dog house with the voters. His numbers are sinking, and he’s got to jettison the public option to keep his Health Care plan afloat. I wonder if he wishes sometimes that Hillary had won. I know Hillary’s got to think she could do this better. Hillary’s got to be pissed off all the time. God I hate her.

So, what else is going on? Mad Men had its season debut the other day. I’d try to tie that in to politics, but Frank Rich already devoted a huge column to it.

What else have I TIVOed? Hey, it’s the 30 Rock with the guy from Mad Men. Liz Lemon tries to show him what life is like if you’re not beautiful. I bet Hillary would love to show Obama what it’s like to not be beautiful. There’s something she could understand. Stupid Hillary.

Let’s see, what else is on? What’s on TV now? News, news, naw.

Ooh! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has a new season! Oh, that was just a commercial.

Sometimes I just like to watch the What’s On Channel and watch the channels scroll by. It’s very relaxing. Maybe someone should show Hillary the What’s On channel so she could relax. She’s so uptight!

Hmm….let me check my word count. Nope, it’s not a column yet.

Yankees are winning. Looks like they’ve got it together. Derek Jeter is like Obama, A-Rod is like Hillary. Steroid using cheater!

Oh look, the Shamwow guy is selling something else!

Flip. Flip. Let me check my word count again…

Did it! Another prize-worthy political humor column!

--sent to Dan Kilian by Maureen Dowd

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