Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Youth Revolt

A message to the young and healthy:

They’re going to make us all get health insurance, but there’s not going to be a public option. That died because senior citizens want a system that pays for everything for free. Of course, that’s the problem with our rising costs to begin with, but fixing rising costs is too scary for seniors. Well maybe paying for the eternal life and well being of the old is a little scary for the young, and maybe there’s something you can do about it.

Why should they have to pony into a system that’s not serious about containing costs? I get the moral argument that people’s lives shouldn’t be ruined by sickness, and they shouldn’t be getting sick because they’re poor. But why start paying into an unsustainable system just because our politicians are corrupt? Especially when you’ll have to pay all the taxes on these deficits? That’s making you pay twice.

Insurance companies will have a windfall, without having to face the public option.
I don’t really get what co-op is, other than a term that appeals to old people who own apartments. I suspect most in government don’t know what it is either, but I have a healthy guess that it will be struggling to compete with insurance companies as opposed to insurance companies struggling to compete with the government. If it doesn’t work, it will take years and more political battles for a new entrenched institution to finally admit it.

I say if there’s no public plan, then young people should boycott the plan. At least make a lot of noise like you will. Something needs to scare the Democrats besides crazy old ladies. Get scary, kids.

--Dan Kilian

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