Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Passed, But Then I Came Back: Five and a Half Song Review

Ten Minute Turns "Sad Animals"

These guys could be another MGMT. They’re eclectic within an aesthetic, and a lot of the spaghetti sticks to the wall, and to the ribs. Yes, I’m now metaphorically eating spaghetti off the wall. This tune marries stripper horns and sweet harmonies Beatleistically over spare rising choruses. Breaks down flutishly (mellotron?) and then more chorus. Pretty damn enjoyable indie-delic pop.

Benny Goodman "Don't Be That Way"

The King of Swing flies by on an enchanted carpet to lands unknown. With all these lush horns and a piano skipping along you might forget the mystery and soul of the clarinet playing. By then you’re up in the sky over Persia, and a trumpet mute playing Pee Wee Ellis* making UFO noises in the background?

Prince "Papa"

A trippy spoken word of parental abuse and suicide from1994. Prince speaking is often pretentious glob. This does include “crucified” dandelions, but gets down to business and then rewards us with a rock freakout.

Fishbone "Naz-tee May’en"

I saw The Reality of My Surroundings in the thrift store and I thought, Fishbone got a little busy sounding on that record, so I passed, but then I came back. I’d forgotten how fun these guys are. “I’m a nasty man/with a nasty plan/ I’m a nasty man/ humpin’ and a pumpin’ any time I can.” Yes they throw the orchestra at this, but they keep it up in the air.

More Benny Goodman…

Earth Wind and Fire "September"

The song is called September but it sure sounds like summertime in the city. EW&F is sometimes too clean and smooth for their own good, but here the air ripples with heat from the bubbling tar.

more Benny Goodman…

Dave Brubeck Quarted "Take Five."

Recently got a lot of jazz “on the cheap.” Not in the mood right now…God it’s lovely though…okay I’ll listen to it….

--Dan Kilian

* This could be utter bullshit. I have no idea who’s playing on this recording. I’m just googling and pasting and acting like I know shit about Jazz.

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