Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soup of the Day: Persian Pessimism and Rape

Q: You seem pretty cynical about the prospects for the popular unrest overturning the Iranian government. Why?

It's not cynicism. It's facts on the ground. At this point in Persia, you have about .00001% of the population arguing against the power grab. They are all children of the elite living in comfortable homes in one city. Children of the elite can always do what they want. But for a revolution, you need tens of millions of peasants converging from the provinces to the focal point of the argument and joining with the children of the elite.

The Russian Revolution is a good case in point. The flash point in that Revolution - naval officers of the Tsar mutinied on the Battleship Potemkin, and joined the children of the elite with big guns. Game over. Nicholas II and al of his children were slaughtered in a basement. Sadly, instead of opening a flower to freedom, it ushered in what many would argue is the absolute most diabolical period in Russian history, eclipsing Ivan the Terrible, and even eclipsing the aftermath of the French Revolution by dark multiples. How many were slaughtered by Lenin and Stalin? Historians are still counting.

In my view, peasants in Persia side with the Guardian Council on matters of morality and religion, and complete separation from the west. The Persi are a proud people, always have been, and always will be. The Guardian Council are their beacon of light in their struggle against the west. Right or wrong, it's self determination.

So far, we have Basij doing a dance against the line of the children of the elite in the wealthy regions of Tehran. Basij are simply Hezbollah thugs and thugs connected with clerics. In western parlance, gangs. The Revolutionary Guard is the real deal in Persia and they have no reason to awaken from their sleep. They have surrounded Tehran, and will be called to slaughter, only if millions of peasants join the argument. However, in my view, peasants in Persia have no clear reason to oppose the Rev Guard, or the GC, or separation from the west, or Islamic asceticism. There are no Hooters and no Michael Jackson tributes in the provinces of Persia. The Persi peasants do not want these things. If the Rev Guard is called to awaken from their sleep, it will be Tiannamen Square. But in my view, they will not be called from their sleep. No reason. .00001% of the population does not awaken a death machine. The reports indicate that contending politicians have already caved into these facts on the ground and have told the GC they will not protest without a permit. A wise choice. But that does mean lights out.

On to South Africa. If any women who are reading this, or any woman in America, or the west, wants to "represent", now is the time. You have a golden opportunity. The World Cup is being staged in South Africa next summer. That means 4 billion folks will be watching. The latest UN report ranks South Africa number in crime and rape. My data indicates 40% of women in South Africa today have been raped, many as children. All this has happened under home rule - Zulus.

Zulu men make the strange argument that if a woman walks past him, it is his duty to provide her with sexual pleasure, so as to express his virility. I don't buy it. I believe that is false and wrong. It should stop. But it continues. Will Obama speak out against this sickness next summer? I don't believe so. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. No matter who is in charge in South Africa, that seems to trump all, like oil and natural gas in the Middle East. Keep the money flowing. Ignore everything else. Time to "represent" big time on this one. Nobody else will. This is much worse than men forcing women to wear veils and modest clothing, so as to "shield them" from being poached by strange men.

Peace and love against all facts on the ground. Keep the fire burning.

Where is Chief Joseph when you need him? He was the coolest of all time.

--Dave "Soup" Campbell
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