Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Editors Note: Warning kids, this one gets a little raw.

battering his teeth with a closet rod, knocking out a few and cracking off the rest, then saying fuck it and taking a hacksaw to his gums and cutting through the roots to show the motherfucker what happens and then heating a coathanger on the stove and laying it on his eyelids until it sticks so he can peel them back and nip the corners with some wirecutters and then tear the whole thing off like a hangnail, but neater, and there are the goggling orbs all twitching back and forth and he can just touch them with his dirty thumb as easy as pie but we'll come back to that later first he needs to sew his buttcheeks together to stop that spray and while he's down there make sure his nutsack stays tight to his thigh but what's this aaah a kneecap that needs to be released with a few quick cuts and there the patella is skittering across the floor like an air hockey puck that will bash his knuckles in the basement where he used to roleplay in the arena meaning alone but no matter because the staple gun is empty and he can just dig and dig through those eyes and feel the pop when the back of the orbit gives way and then he's into the good stuff, cutting his thumbs on the way through and he's in in in and that motherfucker will never be more than a disposal problem and he's got enough cats to take him out of here by the spoonful so it's OVER

--Steve Kilian

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