Thursday, March 24, 2011

New K-Word: Gilbert

Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice for the AFLAC duck for making tame jokes on Twitter about the tragic events in Japan. This inspired our latest K-word:

gilbert: – v., 1. to make light of a tragedy as a source of amusement prior to the socially acceptable interval after said tragedy has elapsed.

2. To imitate a duck for money

3. To get more publicity for being fired than for getting the job

Example sentence: "I don't want to gilbert, but I have a great bit about Nate Dogg fucking Elizabeth Taylor in hell."

--Steve Kilian

--Dan Kilian*

* Editor's note: Yes this sterling piece of writing required TWO writers! And yes, no one cared about this even back when anyone cared. I still like the word!

Also yes (third yes) though his work is pretty damned spotty, I do think this bit is funny from GG.

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