Monday, June 14, 2010

Interesting Turn In the Karzai Taliban Peace Talks


What’s wrong with the Fez?

We like turbans!

Be reasonable man! This looks great!

You must submit to the turban, or there will never be peace!

I’m never gonna do it without the Fez on.

I like the pakol. It makes me look like Erasmus.

See, everyone has their own kind of headgear. Let’s all agree to disagree. I mean, we all hate the Americans. If we cut a deal, they might just leave.

I guess hats aren’t worth fighting over. As long as we can subjugate the women!

You keep kicking back the drug money, you can treat your women like cattle for all I care.

Well, it does seem unproductive to keep fighting for decades over the same old pile of worthless rocks and desert.

I’m so sorry to interrupt, President Karzai, Mullahs, but we just heard some amazing news. The Pentagon has discovered that Afghanistan has vast reserves of mineral deposits. Iron, gold, and lots of lithium, which the westerners need for all their computers.

You mean...

We’re rich. Afghanistan is wealthy nation!

Hello! I’m the Chinese ambassador! Can I talk to whoever is in charge? I’ve got a suitcase full of money.

Hmm…maybe we should hold off on this peace agreement for another week or two. Make sure we’ve got all our I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Oh…um…you sure?

Yeah, no need to rush things. See you in Kabul.

All right…good progress, right?


Good news about the mineral deposits, right?

Definitely. See you soon.

Yeeugh. I didn't like the sound of that!

So are you the one in charge? I’ve got a suitcase full of money.

Yeah, for now. Let’s do this.

--Dan Kilian

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