Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two MSNBC Producers Lay It Out

Uh, this just came over the wires, the Gores are getting a divorce.

Al and Tipper?

Yep. After 40 years.

Too bad. Guess they’d just run out their spool, huh?

Career and family can be a bitch to balance. I should know.

Shame. They seem like, you know-- regardless of their politics, which I totally agree with anyway--they seem like really decent people, who obviously loved each other and kept it going as long as they could.

Yeah. I mean, I’m sure he could be pretty pompous and a bit of a blowhard, but what politician isn’t really? They both seemed to want to do good things. I guess they ran out of energy on their marriage. It’s sad.

But they did have a good long run.

Yeah, it’s like, it was a successful marriage, even though it ended in divorce, sort of.

Any other details to the story?

Naw, that’s about it.

So, for the video to go with this  little news snippet, we should…

Pretty obvious. The clip of them kissing at the 2000  convention.

Yeah, let’s mock the dissolution of their marriage with an embarrassing clip of them overdoing that kiss.

Over and over?

Over and over. In an unending loop.

Okay. I’ve already got it on the monitor. You know, they didn’t even kiss for that long. Al just got a little too forceful there.

Yeah, it looks stupid, but it’s really not the big deal everybody made it out to be.

Of course, it’ll still look awful in this context.

Especially over and over again.

On a constant loop. Non-stop.

Why are we doing that again?

Because we’re assholes.

That’s right!

--Dan Kilian

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