Friday, April 16, 2010

Constuputid K Words

Simplicated: When something is both basic and complex. Something that is elemental in nature, but convoluted in its ultimate design. The game Othello is so simplicated its slogan is “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.” Love should be simple, but it’s simplicated.

Complistupid: When something should be easy, but someone’s mental deficiencies make it problematic. Picking a place to eat should be easy, but you always make it complistupid. It’s not complicated, it’s complistupid.

Constupated: Something that is so stupid it makes you constipated. Conservative Republicans pretending to be some kind of anti-deficit movement after eight years of George Bush are constupated.

Constuputional: Any argument that the founding fathers would abhor any moderate changes in public life. Enough with these constuputional lawsuits challenging the Health Care plan.

Sensibullshit: Something that sounds sensible, but which is actually bullshit. Arguing about our alarming deficits without suggesting cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and The Military, or suggesting additional taxes is sensibullshit.

--Dan Kilian
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