Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fight For Your Right To Parkside

parks3Editors Note: This was the program from Saturday Night's gig, a benefit to help save The Parkside Lounge from high rent. You should stop by, it's a nice place, at Houston and Attorney in New York City. Actually, I never printed up the programs, my printing place closed before I finished my second nap on Saturday, and the FedExKinkos on Houston was closed. I'm told no one cares about the programs anyway, so there's another thing we're wasting our time on. Who's we? The Ks! This is a band's literary arm. Probably another thing we're wasting our time on.

Party for your right to fight. I remember the first time I played the Parkside no I don’t I don’t remember all my brothers and sisters names. You are all my brothers and sisters no you’re not actually yes you are. I fail but I try though sometimes I fail to try. Sometimes I try to fail. But (you can’t start a sentence with but oh but yes you can Latin grammar on a Germanic tongue makes no sense) this isn’t about me it’s about this place like every other place unlike every other. If we all chip in maybe we can but probably we won’t really though we should all be doing more to help the hungry. Just saying that was my way of helping no it wasn’t. Hey I’m really strapped for cash but I did write these songs though I’m not going to take credit for these program notes. Just because everything pales in comparison with the starving doesn’t mean other things aren’t worthwhile. Seriously folks, this is a decent club where they do care about the musicians, so if any of us ever makes any music worth listening to, it would be a lovely thing if we could play it here. I don’t do much in this world but I’ve written some songs and conned some nice fellows to play along. You play along as well. I don’t mean pick up a bongo for the love of God put that down! I just mean buy into the story, it’s about a hitchhiker who leaves all his money to a truckdriver when he dies it turns out it was a ten dollar bill other than that he was completely broke.

--Dan Kilian

Gilligan's F-ed Up Isle

Nono-tech War Cloud Note: I had a dream last night about a nano-tech war cloud, and I had no idea that this story would be coming up as my next recommendation! Weird weegie stuff!

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