Thursday, October 22, 2009

Felix From The Flame

Editor's Note: This bit comes from the program from the first performance by The Ks to feature Soup, Ray and horns.

The title of tonight’s show is a triumph of alliteration over literature, sound over sense, Sinead O’Conner over storytellers of old. It was David Benjoya, the new  Musical Director of The Ks (excellent job Dave!) who pointed out that the Phoenix, the mythical bird, rises not from flames, but from the ashes. Still, the song goes, “phoenix from the flame,” and so goes our namesake show.

That is something art does: it transforms sense into beauty through nonsense. Or is it sense into nonsense through beauty? Are we getting to the spiritual essence of things or just smoothing the corners? Certainly there’s a little too much pretty nonsense in politics these days, but we fight the ugly reason behind the well tested words with the loving illogic of our untested illogic. We lose, and burn, but it is that fire that we rise from. We turn our ashes into fuel, and we rise not from the debris of our loss, but the flames of our beauty.

--Dan Kilian

End of Conflict

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