Monday, January 3, 2011


"Tyger Tyger burning bright on a spit, preferably” --William Blake, paraphrased.

From Mowgli to Pi, mankind has feared the tiger. Since the elimination of the Sabretooth, the tiger has stood alongside the lion and bear as a fearsome enemy of man. The inherent danger and obvious evil or this striped beast reflexively breeds hatred in the core of human beings. Its imminent extinction and delicious flavor elicits anticipation and salivation in our hearts and mouths along with a grumbling in our stomachs to rival that of the great cat’s wicked purr.

It’s hard to believe, with the natural inclinations of man, that there are organizations that seek to halt the extinction and devouring on these monsters, but there are a number of them.

Save The Tiger Fund

Tiger Friends

Evidently the World Wrestling Federation has gotten in on the act.

There’s also a movie, starring Jack Lemmon, about saving tigers.

They even try to infiltrate the minds of our young with their pro-canine propaganda.

Evidently these organizations are playing on the Tiger’s “Bad Boy” reputation in the animal kingdom to give them some jungle cred. It is in response to these tiger loving entities that a number of right thinking epicureans have created T.E.G.S. the Tiger Eradication Gourmet Society, devoted to the hunting down and cooking of tigers. Our end goal is to kill and eat the last tiger in existence. Surely the thrill of this rare act, coupled with the defeat of a great evil of nature, will outweigh any sentimentality currently in fashion.

If you would like to join our organization, or would like to sponsor it, please comment on this page. Good recipes for tiger meat are also encouraged. You should also follow us on Facebook HERE. We will be tweetering about it HERE. We encourage you to attend our gala fundraiser, Friday, February 4, at Local 269 featuring the following acts:

7 John Truelove

8 Orange Oven

9  A Mystery Guest! We can’t tell you too much about this one, but it’s a good one!

10 The Ks

11 Red Datson

12 Cocaine & Abel

Cook The Tiger!


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