Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She Had More To Say, and How She Said It

“It’s 111 degrees in here! We are not amused!” she said haughtily.

“Fetch me my bow! I shall hit the bullseye!” she said, arrogantly.

“I’d like to hang out at the bottom of a window,” she declared with a silly laugh.

“I don’t have a six-pack,” she said, abnormally.

“I’m afraid to tell you what I did to your car,” she admitted bashfully.

“I never break character!” she said playfully.

“Never mind healthcare. Let’s talk about this giant bass I caught,” she said, superficially.

“Should I put this dress on?” she asked, warily.

“He’s not very interesting, but he’s got nice manners, so I say we let him hang out with us,” she said, indulgently.

"These grapes are all dried up, and they’re frozen cold!” she said brazenly.

“My pictorial representations are as crude as a four-year-old’s!” she said drastically.

“It’s no lie. I want you to have my coat,” she said, altruistically.

“To join our club, you have to flip the light switch on and off and on again,” she said cliquishly.

“I’ve got a smaller number of things!” she said furiously.

“Be quiet!” she said viciously.

“I got A’s or B’s on all my tests,” she said, deceitfully.

“I once played a patriotic German during World War II in a school play,” she said exuberantly.

--Dan Kilian

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  1. From Penthouse Forum:

    "I met her at the library in a small midwestern university," he said studiously.