Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save The Date

The Ks Saturday, January 30 9 pm at the Ace of Clubs

9 Great Jones Street (3rd Street)

This show will be called Going Around The Corner

Now some linKs

While we’re still reeling in the New Year, Ks singer Dan (Happy Birthday me!) has a New Year Song. It’s about a Pirate Spiderman New Years Baby!

Look out for the lonely Scanner

Really cool stereo 3-D pictures from old Japan!

Sherlock Holmes Review

Playing Guitar Well Enough To Get You Some (slightly blue)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Murder

Sick of all your social network sites? Try the Suicide Machine. Really, don’t. We’d miss you.

Nicolas Cage as everyone. Stole this one from Rob!

Last Trip to the Well The Ks video!


Who are The Ks? If you don’t know who the Ks are, you really should click on one of the several links they’ve got to their music. They might actually be good.

Is it really Dan’s birthday? This very day. Quite frankly, I think despite everything, that the world is a better place for it.

--Dan Kilian

Editor's note: Yes, a lot of you got this as our e-mail, but this is a site about The Ks, so this is the stuff we've got to plug.  Also, when I say "a lot of you" you know I'm exaggerating. You readers are a pretty select group. Congratulations on making it here. We accept submissions. More content tomorrow.

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