Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dune It To Death

Editor's note: It is with great sadness that we present a bunch of puns for Frank Hebert fans. This one's just for a subset of sci-fi fans who like a subset of comedy. We apologize and accept submissions.

What's a masochistic Bene Gesserit's favorite snack?

Gom drops.


What coordinates do Guild Navigators use to specify their position relative to the galactic plane?



Why do spice miners always go back to the place they were born?

Because there's no place like CHOAM.


Who's the best Bene Geserit basketball player?

Kareem Abdul Gom Jabbar.


What’s the latest Bud campaign on Arrakis?

A bunch of fat guys calling each other up and yelling "Kwiiiiiisaaaatz Haderach!"


What happened to the glory of House Harkonnen?

It Feyded.


What happened when the Sardaukar pushed the Fremen too far?

The worm turned.

--Steve Kilian

--Dan Kilian

--The anonymous J

Apocrypha 2: Joseph in the North

Sunday 11:29 P.M.

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