Monday, February 27, 2012

Live Blogging The Oscars

Eddie Murphy looks terrible.

Oh it’s Billy Crystal! Some jokes about how he’s too old for that hot young demographic that I guess Eddie Murphy captured? Maybe the kids all have sweet memories of The Klumps?

Recycled George Clooney gay shtick, rote “I’m interacting with the movies” business, and the orchestra’s too loud for the song. I guess we can’t blame Billy Crystal for anything. He’s a good sport to do it again at the last minute, and we’re all good sports for watching!

Will Scorsese sweep the consolation prizes?

J-Lo and C-Daz have fun with their asses.

Interviews with actors explaining what it’s like to go to the movies. Inspired to write future blogs titled “What It’s Like To Watch TV” and  “What It’s Like To Sit Down At A Computer.”

Iranian guy: Please don’t bomb my country! We make movies too!

Christopher Plummer does a nice old guy speech.

What, you can have Circe d’Soleil, but no muppets singing? I guess they didn’t want to have to have someone sing that other song. Beyonce just had a baby, after all.

Meryl Streep just seems like a nice person, and the mother of us all.

Moby mocks Angelina’s leg.

France wins! Gooood dog!

That’s it.

To sum up: We’re all good sports.

--Dan Kilian

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