Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sarah Palin and The New K Word

Everyone made such a big deal of half-Governor Sarah Palin’s minting a new word the other day, and everyone missed the point. When Palin said that New Yorkers should “refudiate” the building of a Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero, MSNBC pounced. Ha! She IS illiterate! No, countered Palin, I’m Shakespearean, Bushian and Obamic in my creative language. Ha! She can’t even admit a mistake! No! She’s cute!

Personally, I like refudiate, and I think she is cute in her language even though it was clearly a mistake. I don’t have any problem with how Palin says what she says (at least not here) it’s what she’s got to say.  The issue isn’t her use or misuse of language; it’s that she’s a fucking racist cunt. There shouldn’t be any debate about building a mosque in downtown New York, at least not on religious grounds. Anyone who has a problem with moderate Muslims in America is fomenting religious war, and is therefore Osama Bin Laden’s dance partner and scoundrelous.

With that in mind, I mint a new word: Recuntiate.

One recuntiates when one reminds people what a cunt a person is. If someone’s doing something cunty, and then people get distracted by a cute little sideshow, well then it’s time for some recuntiation.

It’s unrefudiable. This word will surely come in handy.

--Dan Kilian

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