Friday, July 16, 2010

Dave Campbell Memorial

A celebration of Dave Campbell, our great friend and champion. If you did not already know, know now that a great man has passed. Music from members of Erica Smith & The 99 Cent Dreams * Love Camp 7 * The Ks * AND * Philip Cobendyx of Sunshine Partners Ltd. * Debby Schwartz * Reb...ecca Turner * L.J. Murphy * Crooked Crow * John Sharples Band * Ian & Liiza Roure * Dan Sallitt * Kenny Young *The World's Fair * The People in Grey (aka Baker/Gerstel/Schwartz/AldrichArmy) * AND * Pam Grossman * AND * Video from Pascal Plantinga * AND * Choice Daveism's read aloud!

--Dan Kilian


A Hollywood Exec Calls Up Alan Alda

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