Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Old-Time Forgotten Demon-God Raaaaaag

Crush, crush, crush all the enemiieees

Delve, delve, delve into the mines

Find, find, find the talisman to an elder and forgotten god, great Slobnobulus

Invoke, invoke, invoke the servants of Slobnobulus by reading the glowing symbols that ring the portal that opens when droplets of blood accidentally spill onto the talisman – or was it an accident at all?  Did the talisman somehow call to the blood?  Did it arrange for the events that led up to its wetting to happen? 

Slay, slay, slay the Portal-born

Run, run, run as they rise up, their terrible wounds knitting together as they shamble toward us

Detonate, detonate, detonate the kegs of powder strategically positioned throughout the mine

Collapse, collapse, collapse the mine onto the demon-things

Establish, establish, establish a monastery above the collapsed mine

Forbid, forbid, forbid any so foolish as to explore the caves that are under the watch of the Brotherhood

Descend, descend, descend into complacency over the millennia

Forget, forget, forget the original mission of the monastery

Release, release, release untold horrors upon the world….

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