Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scaveler Fong

I am Scaveler Fong and I trade in flesh of all kinds. 

ALL kinds? How great is your variety? 

My variety is great indeed. Barthag. Mule. Dog. Gorlak. Human. Poachgroan. Rotterfen. All kinds. Live. Pickled. Cold. Quick. All kinds. Young. Old. Male. Female. Grinnerback. All kinds. Workmeat, Foodmeat, Pleasuremeat, Sciencemeat. All kinds. 

All kinds. 

What kinds of treatments to these fleshes? 

All kinds. Scarred. Painted. Tattooed. All kinds. Burned. Clean. Bleached. All kinds! 

What kinds of decompositions do you feature? 

All kinds! Bogrotten. Mountain-dried. Beetlebitten. All kinds. Buried. Fermented. Bloated and shucked. All kinds! 

 And how might they be prepared for eating? 

We're fleshmongers, not chefs. Preparation is by the purchaser, as limited by their digestion, predilections, and metaphysical restrictions. 

Do you have any condiments? Treatments? Dog treats? 

We have flesh. All kinds of flesh. If customer wishes to use it as a condiment or feed it to a dog that is entirely their business and none at all of ours. Would you be interested in any flesh? I have all kinds.  

--Steve Kilian
--Dan Kilian

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