Wednesday, April 24, 2013

George Clinton Gets Into an Argument with a Chicken

You know, people say a grown man shouldn’t be hanging out with a chicken, but I don’t give a funk! 

And I don’t give a cluck!

What’d you say there?

I said I don’t give a cluck!

Oh. I see. You’re doing a bit of naughty wordplay. Instead of the F word, you’re saying cluck. I get it. 

Cluck yeah! 

But you should be saying funk. It’s I don’t give a FUNK. 

I don’t give a cluck! 

It’s funk. FUNK! 


You’re not even attacking it from the right end of the word. I’m telling you, if you want to do this thing, it’s got to be FUNK. 

I say cluck. 

That’s funking stupid. 

You’re clucking stupid. 

Funk you!

Cluck me?! Cluck you!

Funk you!

Cluck you!

Funk you!

Cluck you!

Funk you!

Cluck you!

Funk you!

Cluck you!

Ah, go funk yourself!

YOU go cluck yourself in the clucking ass

Funk you!

Cluck you!

Go funk your mother. 

Cluck your mother in the ass! 

Leave me funking mother out of this, or I am going to funking pluck you and cook you!

Go clucking pluck yourself, you clucking hippie! 

Pluck you. Ah, shit, now you’re funking me up. FUNK you!

Cluck you!

Funk you!

Cluck you!

Shut the funk up!

Why don’t you stick a clucking sock in your mouth!

Why don’t you eat funking shit! 

Why don’t you stick your clucking dick in your mouth and shut your motherclucking hole?!

FUNK you!

CLUCK you!

Go funk yourself in the ass! 

Cluck motherclucking you, you clucking clucktard! 

I don’t even understand what you’re funking saying.

That’s because you’re so clucking stupid, you’ve got clucking shit in the clucking cluck-hole where your brain should be. Clucking cluck! 

Funk you.

Cluck you, you clucking cunt. 

Whoa! The C bomb! What the hell! Can’t it be...clunt or something? 

No. That’d be confusing. Sorry. You were clucking pissing me off. 

Yeah, I’m sorry too. If you want to say cluck, you go ahead. 


Just leave my funking mother out of it.

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Just swearing. Didn’t mean anything by that. 

That’s cool. So are we good? 

We’re clucking good!

Funk yeah! 

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