Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help The Ks Pick a Name/Artwork for Their New Album

Having some trouble picking one out. Let us know what you think. The better the critique, the more it will be considered. Here are some choices.


Let us know what you think!

--The Ks


Sunday 11:29 P.M.


  1. Love and other monsters!!!!!

  2. Party in the Graveyard is my favorite title. Something Under the Table is my favorite art work (however, the spoon seems like a heroin reference - don't know if that's intended).

  3. I'm really into Love and other monsters. I dig on the artwork the most. My least favorite is party in the graveyard. Huzzah!

  4. Something Under the Table is neat!

    "Guitarded" is cool too. "Rewipe" ???

    "Fist Full Of K's" ???

  5. Hey! I second Eppie. Also, there is a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called "Of Love and Other Demons," which is pretty darn close to your "Love & Other Monsters." Don't know if that's intended. As for "A New Distraction": the art kind of reminds me of one of those Magic Eye posters. I kind of want to look away, but I also kind of can't.

  6. Yeah! Great stuff! Love the first and last, though the dog and sheep theme worked better for me before I saw the hearts. Just thought the art is way cool and weird, and liked the title more mysterious.
    Least fave is art for party n the graveyard, maybe title least too...

    The last one is damn sharp, and felt neater/less odd than the others if that's what you prefer. Me, not necessarily, but it really works, title especially.

    In short, I'd take any but the graveyard one.

  7. Love and Other Monsters is clean and easy to read, you get it at a glance. Party Under the Table is conceptually cool, it is just a more energetic cover, and a more different idea - outside of what you would expect. New and Novel. Maybe you could redo it with actual plates and cups and food, the drawing isn't as clean as the monster in Love and Other Monsters. Its always nice when you look at a monster and know its a monster, great how you morphed cupid. If you hadn't done such good work with the artwork I wouldn't care so much for the cover, Party Under the Table is more original.

    I tried to come up with better names than what you've got and I couldn't. So you guys win the creativity contest.

  8. I prefer Something Under the Table And I like the cover, too. Didn't notice the heroin reference. I feel a bit suburban.

    Like Party in t Graveyard as a concept. Is there a song there?

    Sexy Skeletons makes me think it's trite.

    Looking forward to the new songs.

  9. Love the new "New Distraction" artwork.

  10. I like Something Under the Table...the name and the artwork!