Thursday, October 14, 2010

Custom Urinal

I'm thinking about a custom urinal that is a stone or steel cylinder, freestanding in the toilet room.  Plumbing and drainage are obviously fed from below, with flushing water being conducted up within the wall thickness of the cylinder and then distributed around the perimeter.  Shape could be oval or elliptical to accommodate the slack end of the pressure curve, but this is backing away from purity.


A waterfall piss post. I like it. Splash is your biggest challenge. Is it like water flowing over a rock that you leak on? Or is base tapered so you leak in a free falling water. If running all the time you'll waste a lot of water. If not you'll need to figure how to flush the thing which will be tough.

Steel a bad idea. Stone ok. What about ice? Like those Vegas ice bars.

I was thinking of something more typical in terms of flush mechanism:  a sensor that you wave your hand over and it flushes, so there isn't constant running water – although that could be an option for the post-Green age when energy is cheap and abundant.  Regarding splashing, I was thinking that if the vessel is deep enough the splatter is contained (see attached – note that section and plan are not oriented the same way).

No doubt these initial assumptions are hampering the development of this idea beyond the normative.  I look forward to your suggestions.

How conventional…looks like a bidet.  Try on my sketch.

The Barragan approach – of course.  Now the juices are flowing, so to speak.  See attached.

Now you’re in business… the patent office.

--Steve Kilian and Tim Fryatt

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