Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Mask

I made a mask out of walnut shells and glue and two gloves and whole box of paperclips and when I wear it I am invisible and nobody can hurt me or anyone I care about and if they try I come out of the clouds like a peal of thunder and knock them down even if their tray is full and the milk goes all over the floor and they won't even get a new plate because I will holler so loud that they will close the shutter down over the lunch line and everyone will know that I am cross and that what they did was bad and that's why they got what they deserved and if they try it again I will close my fist and punch them in the stomach and not care if I get in trouble and if they still don't stop then I furrow my brow and give them such a powerblast with all of my anger and sadness and fear and the thought of everyone's mother choking on the breathing tube and turning blue and then they're just a wet shadow in the sand and I'm holding their empty coat with a Matchbox in the pocket that's not theirs anymore

--Steve Kilian

Apocrypha 2: Joseph in the North

Russian Roulette on Meth 

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