Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Supermodel To Open Restaurant Chain

Acknowledging that the widely held belief that many models have ribs removed to enhance their figures is true, supermodel Kate Moss is poised to launch the first in a hoped chain of restaurants called Kate's Ribs. Patrons will dine on the removed ribs of would-be models, served in one of two styles: bbq or braised. Portions will be small, and diners will be encouraged not to finish everything.

A special feature of the restaurant will be a monthly "taster's choice" event, where pre-paying customers can visit a web site in advance of their meal and select the model on whose ribs they will dine. Surgery will then be performed, and diners will receive their custom-prepared meal.

Potential patrons are already eating up the idea. "What guy hasn't wanted to eat a 17 year old," said John Boshok of Decatur, Illinois. "This makes it convenient, fast, and legal."

Model and owner Moss concurs. "Our core demographic is a 35-50 year old man who wants a piece of each of these girls. These ribs are just being thrown away. This way the models' surgeries are paid for, and men can sink their teeth into some fine meat. Everyone wins."

The first location is slated to open in January of 2012 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Future expansions in other metropolitan areas are being planned.

--Carl Lorentzen

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