Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Song Request

Could you write a song about a warrior race that has some ritual dance of ascension for the new warriors which takes place on the Sands of Kraal (you can change that if it doesn't work lyrically), after which molten steel is poured into the tracings in the sand, forming unique blade patterns which are then forged into the sacred weapons of the new warriors who must then develop their own individual martial art form based on these random blades?  I know it's a lot, so you can split it over many songs if necessary.  Maybe something like:

Readying the Sands (Intro)

The Sands of Battle /The Dance of Battle

The Image in Steel


The Voice of the Blade

Finding the Way:

Part 1:  Academy

Part 2:  Challenge

Part 3:  Mastery

Readying the Sands (Outro)

Awesome!  Thanks, brother.

--Steve Kilian

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