Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Saturday, September 25 is the new Moneyday. The goal of Moneyday is to create a special one-off gift giving holiday designed to coincide with the waning stimulus package out of Washington. We feel it is our patriotic duty and in our own self interest to try to stimulate on a grass-roots level on the demand side. We urge you to go out and buy something now, something special you would not ordinarily buy, perhaps a band's CD or a T-shirt or something. Give a loved one some money to spend, or take some money from a loved one, and spend it. There will be a delay in finding out if this did in fact help our economy. It's also somehow supposed to help market a lovely band: The Ks. Moneyday had another name, but we're tamping down on that because while it was an innocent joke, you never know what some nutjob will seize upon as a message from the internet, and we want to help, not hurt. Once things pick up, we will become Piggy Bank Day, a day to focus on savings. Until then, let the boom resume. Consume!

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--Dan Kilian

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