Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Skullhead ran to the pyramid, the wind whistling through his eye-sockets. The high priest was anointing the human sacrifice as the drummers laid down a slow, hypnotic beat. The High Priest lifted his dagger to the sun on the horizon, in the ceremonial fashion. Skullhead bounded up the pyramid steps.

“Do not sacrifice this one! He belongs to me!”

All but the high priest averted their gaze from Skullhead’s monstrous visage. The priest brought his dagger to his side, but did not sheathe it.

“Why would you take our sacrifice?”

“He belongs to me!”

“It will anger the Gods!”

“I am a god. You will anger me.”

This was a point of contention. Skullhead often claimed to be a god, but many thought him a demon or monster, or some other creature. Still, it was well known that Skullhead could bring calamity and death with the force and unforgiving nature of a God. So while some doubted his cosmic nature, the end result was the same. Skull head smiled, “Do you wish to challenge my desire?”

The High Priest lowered his head. “You may take the boy.” He summoned three lower priests to his side. Two he directed to untie the boy, and he plunged the dagger into the third priest’s heart.

Skullhead and the boy descended the pyramid and went into the woods, as the skies darkened. They went to the cave where Skullhead lived. It was filled with jewels, gold, and human bones. The boy looked at Skullhead.

“Why did you save me?”

“You are to be my High Priest.”

“Then you are a God?”

“I will be a god to you. I will show you your first miracle now.” He handed the boy a knife. “Cut off your face, and that hood of skin that hides your skull.”

The boy lifted the blade with shaking hands, and began to cut.

Skullhead seemed to smile, but he always looked that way.

--Dan Kilian

I Sell Sea Shells


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