Friday, December 4, 2009

Studio K

Get ready for the Death Album. Get ready for (working title) 19 Skeletons.

The Ks go into mighty Seizure's Palace this weekend to record their long anticipated follow up to The Ks Can't Get It Together. It's a lovely dungeon  of Rock where some great sounds can be made and some very impressive acts (Deavendra Banhart, Sonic Youth, Maceo Parker, Herbie Hancock) have made great sounds.

Once again the lovely and talented Jason LaFarge will be at the helm, only this time the band is stripped down to 5, the anticipated sound is rawer, spookier and with a shade more reverb. But who knows? We haven't made it yet, and this post is riddled with hype. One thing is sure: we're excited.

Ever since we booked this date I've been pushing the band to learn some new songs. Half our material we've been playing for a couple years, and half we barely know. We're throwing some stuff together. It's going to be a gamble, but I'm hoping for a masterpiece. It's going to be riffier, darker and if all goes well, should sound like Steely Dan meets The Libertines.

Of course we're going to take on a mind-boggling array of styles, and failing brilliantly at them all. Here's just one sound we got from the last album.


More coming...sometime!

--Dan Kilian

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